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Looking for a professional Kitchen Degreasing Service you can rely on? Your search ends here. Red Sea Cleaning Solutions is definitely a reliable partner you can collaborate with. Since 1998, we’ve been committed to performing the best, serving clients in Singapore by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them.

Our focus on both the public and private segment allows us to undertake projects with a wide variety of cleaning expectations from our clients. Our teaming allow us to emerge and grow stronger, hence able to excel in this industry. Our Management team believes in delivering quality services and excellent performance. By setting high expectations and goals, we continue to excel and improve. Never to set ourselves complacent.

As it’s our philosophy, Our Promises, We Deliver!

About Us


Red Sea Solutions Partnered with a few strategic alliance partners, with over 20 years excellent track records and customer satisfaction. We have been specializing in commercial/ centralize kitchen, cookhouse and restaurant cleaning and degreasing since 1998. With much credential and recognition from our client, we have been maintaining our long-term working relationship since then.

Red Sea Cleaning Solutions focuses on private commercial projects. We have expanded our services to include facade cleaning, work-at-height cleaning (high ceiling cleaning), general cleaning of kitchen, restaurant dining, carpet cleaning as well as curtain and tile cleaning. Recently, we even took up projects for established rock climbing sports centeres. Red Sea Solutions, your one-stop solution from kitchen design and creation to maintenance.

Achieving customer satisfaction through superior results is our priority. Red Sea believes in continuous learning and upgrading to touch base with the ever-changing technology and new development from the world. We are always seeking new ways of improvements for both our specialist and our clients. Quality is our top priority and we ensure each and every of our cleaners/specialist is professionally trained and certified.

In RED SEA, we ensure efficient delivery and quality inspection of all our cleaning activities. With this, we continue to uphold our company reputation and maintain our standard to the highest of our ability. We also provide Food Hygiene Audit consultation for our client, guiding them on the areas of improvement they should be focusing on prior to any authority inspection. With that, our client’s food premise will be ever ready to be inspected by the authority.

With a strong management team and complete compliance with all safety standards, Red Sea Cleaning Solutions provides targeted results and peace of mind to our customers and stakeholders. We trust we can provide you with the most satisfactory result and look forward to the opportunity to be of service to your organization. We hope to become a valuable partner with you and help maintain and improve on the cleanliness of your business facilities.

Red Sea Cleaning Solutions, your reliable and trusted partner.

Our Services

Take your mind off the sanitization operation and leave the grease to us. We pay detailed attention to all parts of your kitchen and ensure your kitchen is sanitized/ disinfected from the ceiling way down to washing out from the floor. This periodic cleaning shall prolong the lifespan of your kitchen equipment and help to ease your daily cleaning activities. *Contracted base client will be supported with Food Hygiene Audit services.

Every commercial kitchen needs periodic Kitchen Exhaust System Degreasing as it reduces the risk of fire in the ventilation system. The grease builds up from daily long hours cooking will ignite if heated to a high temperature and would spread to various corners of the ductwork and eventually to the building. Area of coverage comprises of exhaust hood, grease filter, kitchen exhaust fan, electrostatic air cleaner, carbon filter and UV light.


Setting up a restaurant? Buy or rent an equipment? Getting stainless steel table/ shelves for your new/ existing kitchen? Which is more economical for my business? Our experts shall hear your voices and find the best solution for you. We have a 6000 sqft factory with equipment ready for your selection.

Food Hygiene Officer (FHO) is a common term in the Food Industry. Yes, they are the the NEA (National Environmental Authority) Officer who likes to surprise Food Operators to give them an impromptu audit. Are you prepared each time when the officer comes? Do you know what to look out for? In Red Sea Cleaning Solutions, we provide report with each audit and advise client to conform to standards required by the authority. Take action before being caught in action!

If you want to minimise cost and increase revenue, let our consultant understand your business! Our culinary chef have traveled over the world and accumulated wealth of experience to share and advise bosses on these common issues. He has helped managed kitchen of hotels and resorts in many parts of the countries by ways of reducing cost in their business. Business is always a challenge, let’s have a chat!


Tiles floor and it’s surface will lose their shine and luster over years. As grout is porous, it absorbs the dirt and debris on it, mopping will only remove the surface oil and not the dirt embedded in it. Overtime, your tile will look dull if you did not maintain it.

Regular cleaning of your carpet can prevent build-up of allergens and bacteria, protects air quality and helps prolong the life of your carpet.

Curtain cleaning is necessary because it accumulates bacteria and various allergens that can affect your health. Regular cleaning can replace the bad odors with fresh scents.

Regular upholstery maintenance goes a long way in keeping your furniture functional for a long time. Some homeowners get attached to a particular piece of furniture, but premature breakage or non-maintenance can force them to get new furniture for their homes. Engage a professional cleaning company to help extend your beloved furniture’s lifespan with the proper equipment and care.

We provide post tenancy cleaning when a tenant leaves or is intending to move into it.

General Home cleaning includes ad hoc or periodic scheduled cleaning. Regular cleaning schedules can be arranged.

Guidelines on food safety and good hygiene practices for the vending industry TR57:2017 was launched on 21st July 2017. In preparation for this, we are proud to announce that we are the pioneer cleaning company to help our clients with the hygiene maintenance prior to the launch of the Food Standards. We have since set the standards on record high and have exceeded the quality standards required.
Identification of water and gas pipe is crucial in a kitchen. Our experts have wealth of experience and you can be assured of our paint jobs. In addition to pipe painting,our skilled personnel will ensure the safety of your kitchen flooring with anti-slip painting.
Overtime, extensive dirt, dust and micro-organism will be build up on the exterior and interior of your air socks. It is therefore essential to maintain the cleanliness of the air socks to:-

  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Increase performance
  • Remain aesthetically presentable
  • Keep best hygiene standard

Failure to maintain the air ducting system often leads to sick building syndrome.

Having difficulty managing manpower issue? Wanting to reduce headcount cost? Leave the worries to us. We will supply cleaners at your most required hours on regular basis. There will be constant supply of cleaners without disruption to your operations so you can have a peace of mind at all times.
Taiyo Cleaning Solutions
Our All-Purpose Bio Cleanser is well received by many who have used it. Taiyo brand focuses on bringing in eco-friendly solutions to replace those harmful chemicals we are exposed to daily. Most chemical-based product produces volatile organic compounds which have been associated with many health problems. These smell and toxin are released when products are used and can stay in the air longer than we can even imagine. The harsh chemical in most cleanser are not only potentially harmful to the body but also to the environment. Ingredient used in chemical-based products are mostly toxic and non-biodegradable. With Taiyo All-Purpose Bio Cleanser, you will only need one safe product to do the job! Click to learn more about our Taiyo product.

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